Craig Smith Music Creation

Craig performing on his portable grand piano

Craig Smith is a composer, arranger and musical director based in Preston, Lancashire, working regularly in both Manchester and Liverpool, also on nationwide tours. The majority of his compositional portfolio is in musical theatre and short pieces for special events such as weddings and anniversaries. His musical direction ranges from traditional musical theatre to modern touring rock shows.

Justice for Michael Documentary Craig was recently commissioned to write a score for this film; have a listen on our soundcloud!

About Craig

With a first class degree in music from the acclaimed Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (co-founded by Sir Paul McCartney, from whom received his degree) and various high-profile gigs to date, Craig has amassed a large amount of experience in music creation. He has compiled an extremely talented contact list of session musicians on whom he calls for theatre productions and when recording compositions and arrangements, ensuring the finished product is always of the highest standard.

To read more about Craig, please see his biography, which also contains an informal CV listing the projects on which, and the artists with whom, he has worked.

Composition / Arranging

Craig is available for commission as a composer / arranger. He has composed in many styles and for various ensembles of a range of sizes, and counts among his composition and arranging tutors Paul Mitchell-Davidson (credits among others include arranging the European tour of a Sondheim score, which had to be approved by the great man himself!) and Gary Carpenter (The Wicker Man, A Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy), both of whom Craig learned a great deal from.

The majority of Craig's composition and arranging work has come in musical theatre, either on new works or in downsizing scores for large orchestras to small bands (discreetly, due to licensing laws!). He has recently started to specialise in composition for special events, such as weddings, graduations, big anniversaries etc, and has worked on film and television music.

Please see the composition page for more details about Craig's composition and arranging, and to learn about how to go about commissioning a work. For a quote, please contact Craig with as much detail about the project as possible in order to gain an accurate estimate.

Musical Direction

Craig is a seasoned musical director with a multitude of shows under his belt, across the range of professional, amateur and educational productions in theatres across the country. A large portion of his degree assessment at the acclaimed Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts was for his musical directing. For more details, see the musical direction page.

To demonstrate his versatility, a very short list of musical shows on which Craig has worked includes, amongst many others:

  • A Complete and Utter History of Liverpool 1207-2007 (Abridged) Original
  • American Clock Miller
  • Fame Fernandez, Margoshes & Levy
  • Les Misérables Schönberg, Boublil & Natel
  • Lucky Stiff Ahrens & Flaherty
  • Sweet Charity Coleman, Fields & Simon

Musical entertainment products for theatres include:

  • The Opera Boys UK Tour - Musical Director
  • Simply70s: Ultimate Classic Rock - Musical Supervisor & Producer
  • The Gary Barlow Live Tribute Show - Musical Director

It is regrettable that the fee Craig's CV demands makes his musical direction services unsuitable for most amateur companies, although all enquiries are welcomed and considered, especially on new original works.

Craig is also available as a theatre pit musician playing piano, synthesisers, Hammond, keyboards and percussion. All work, be it professional or with amateur companies, is considered.